How Yoga Changed My Life | International Yoga Day


Happy International Yoga Day!

Of course we love yoga every day of the year, but today makes a good opportunity to reflect. What does yoga mean to us? What have we learned from yoga as a practice and lifestyle? We asked some of the lovely ambassadors and faces that you see more often around Urban Goddess. Here’s what they have to say ❤


Yoga for me is like coming home.

To connect with what I really am.

Resting in this.

All is really really well.

Eline van de Kam is a yoga and meditation teacher from Amsterdam and a happy Urban Goddess ambassador. Eline is wearing our Good Karma top and Pranafied pants.


One of the most important ways that yoga has changed my life is that I listen much more closely to my heart’s desire and can find the courage to actually follow that desire much easier and quicker then I used to.
Yoga also helped me to move through grief, it helps me to connect with others on a deeper level and it helps me to take care of myself in a loving way. It’s also thanks to yoga that nowadays I get to travel the world and share my love for the practice with many amazing humans. I feel thankful for that.

One of the core lessons I’ve learned from yoga and that I infuse my teachings with, is that truly loving yourself is so incredibly important – not only when you’re facing challenges, but every single second of your life. It’s only through loving yourself that you find a way to set healthy boundaries, take good care of yourself and learn how to follow your heart.

Irina Verwer is a holistic coach, moon cycle expert, yoga teacher, writer and more. Irina is wearing our Satya Amethyst leggings 


For me, yoga is a way to connect with the underlying harmony of a seemingly non-sensical world! Yoga has taught me that there’s always something resoundingly at peace amidst any and every situation in life.


James Reeves is an international yoga teacher, owner of a yoga school and Restful Being – and he’s an ambassador for our men’s line Renegade Guru. James is wearing our Moksha T-Shirt.




Yoga has changed my life in a profound and deep manner. When I got started, I was a little skeptical – even scared of being judged for something which was still considered by some to be a bit vague and strange. However, I felt intuitively that it would be a good place to start healing the panic attacks that I was experiencing at the time. It absolutely did! Yoga became like a safe haven, a place to rest, reboot, and reconnect. It allowed me to soothe my nervous system, move my body and create much more positive energy in my overall life. My moods improved enormously and I felt so much lighter, so quickly, on a daily basis.

Years later, I still love so deeply what the practice offers me. Whether it is dynamic and strong or restorative – I know my mat is a go-to place to brighten my day and take care of my body and mind. It teaches me to stay present, stay connected and breathe a little deeper. I am so happy I got into yoga and I hope to be a lifelong practitioner! Seeing that same sense of relaxation and upliftment occur in my classes is my absolute favorite thing about teaching.

Anne Rose van Ooijen is a yoga teacher, coach and model for Urban Goddess. She is wearing our Bhav top in Coral Kisses.


What about you? How has yoga changed your life? What has yoga taught you? Share with us on social media using #myveryownyoga – we share our favorites!