3 Poses for Period Pain

3 poses for period pain - urban goddess yoga wear blog

Period pain is… a pain. And although you may experience sensation during your menstrual phase, it shouldn’t be debilitating. Period pain isn’t normal – but it is common.


Why do we experience period pain?

There can be many reasons why we experience strong sensations during our periods; the uterus contracts to expel the menstrual blood and endometrial layer, and it cramps. We also release prostaglandins, which is part of the process, but they can cause nausea or discomfort. There are other reasons for period pain, such as endometriosis or fibroids.

Stress seems to be a factor when it comes to period pain. And we can assume that lifestyle and diet may be part of our menstrual health.

Both Ayurveda and yoga offer support for our menstrual health. I explore this in-depth in my book Teaching yoga for the menstrual cycle – an Āyurvedic approach, where I found several resources from both classical Ayurvedic texts and modern research when it comes to yoga for menstrual health. In most of the studies, the yoga poses were done several times a week throughout the month, except during the menstrual phase.


Here are my favourite yoga poses for period pain

Reclined Goddess or Cobblers pose

  1. Start seated with the soles of the feet together and let the knees relax away from each other. I always suggest using cushions for support underneath the thighs. Even if you are super flexible, this offers ease and a sense of “letting go” of any excess tension or tightness.
  2. You can stay seated for a few breaths or choose to recline. Add a yoga bolster or cushions behind your back and head for ease if you like.
  3. Rest your hands on the lower abdomen near your womb centre. Palms facing the belly, thumbs touching near the belly button and index fingers near the pubic bone, forming a downward-facing triangle with your hands.
  4. Breathe deeply and relaxed for a few breaths or 3-6 minutes.

I also recommend this pose during menstruation to allow relaxation and space around the pelvis.


Bridge Pose with support

  1. Have a yoga block, yoga bolster or some firm cushions ready. Lie down on your back with your knees bent. Lift the pelvis and arrange your support under the sacrum. This should feel really comfortable, so adjust your support to make it perfect for you.
  2. Here you can allow the sacrum to deeply rest on the support. Enjoy the openness of the abdomen and hips. Abdominal stretching appears to be good pain relief for period pain and could also be practised during the period.
  3. Stay for a few breaths or as long as it’s comfortable.

3 poses for period pain - urban goddess blog

Cat Cow movements

The Cat Cow pose is also a really good pose for period pain relief. Follow the instructions down below.

  1. Find your way onto your hands and knees.
  2. Knees under the hips and hands under the shoulders.
  3. Arch the back by lifting the sitting bones and looking forward or up. Then round the back looking to the navel. Imagine a spinal wave from the tail bone to the head. Feel the pelvis tilting forward and backwards. It is as if you could rock the pelvis to create ease and lightness around the pelvic organs, including the uterus and ovaries.
  4. As you breathe deeply and slowly, imagine any unnecessary tension being released from the connective tissues and muscles around the pelvic and womb area.

You can take this movement into a more circular and spiralling flow. Be creative and allow the body to move and flow.



How often to practice yoga for period pain

Prevention is better than cure, so add these poses to your regular yoga practice or simply enjoy them a few times a week. You can also practice these during menstruation if it feels comfortable.


Don’t forget to make yourself as comfortable as possible, whether you are on or off the mat. Flow in one of our soft yoga pants or go for our loungewear items. These are great for both yoga and lounging around afterwards.


3 Poses for Period Pain blog Urban Goddess yoga wear



Anja Brierley Lange (BSc, PGDip Āyurveda) is the author of Teaching yoga for the menstrual cycle – an Āyurvedic perspective and an experienced yoga teacher, Āyurvedic practitioner and teacher trainer. Teaching since 2005 she has specialised in yoga and Āyurveda relating to female anatomy and physiology. Originally from Denmark, she moved to London and now lives on the Sussex coast, where she enjoys being by or in the sea. Follow @anja_yogini and check yogaembodied.com for courses, classes and inspiration.