Conscious Yoga Gift Guide: For Your Favourite Yogi

Christmas gifts

Conscious Yoga Gift Guide: For Your Favourite Yogi

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all looking for the perfect gift. Something meaningful and useful, that’s what intentional gifting is all about. Wondering what to get your favourite yogi this year? We have a few ideas!

Yoga Gift Guide: What to get your favourite yogi this year

For the Vinyasa Fan

She goes with the flow and needs an outfit that supports her lifestyle. The best choice for when things get sweaty? Bamboo! The Satya yoga leggings are made from this special sweat-wicking fabric mix. Plus, the high waist keeps these yoga leggings from sliding down. Pair them with a Prana yoga top and you have the perfect outfit for yoga practices of all levels.

For the Asana Queen

We all have that one ultra-bendy friend that posts their gorgeous, seemingly effortless yoga poses on the ‘gram. How does she do it?! She needs lots of room to move freely, so why not surprise her with the comfy Dakini yoga pants? They’re made to flow around your bending body, and there’s no sliding, even when upside down. Paired with a sparkly OM Yoga Tank Top , this yogi is ready to go.

For the Girl-on-the-go

Yes, 2020 cancelled a lot of our plans. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dress nicely, right? For the always busy girl-on-the-go who sneaks a little yoga session in between work and dinner plans, think about yoga clothes that are hip and versatile at the same time. We just love flared yoga pants – they transform from comfy to chic in a heartbeat. Just like the Good Karma Yoga Top, so easy to style for that effortless chic look. No need for an outfit change.

For the At-Home Yogi

The best part about practicing yoga at home? You can wear your super comfy yoga clothes all day long, and nobody can stop you! Your at-home yogi friend knows this, so she embraces the comfort. Give her another opportunity to chill in our relaxed-fit Zen Yoga Leggings (the name says it all!). Also, who doesn’t love a soft oversized yoga shirt to lounge in all day?

What about the male yogis in your life?

Do you want to spoil your favourite male yogi this year? Give the gift of comfort: conscious active yoga wear by Renegade Guru is made from sweat-wicking bamboo and soft organic cotton. From intense vinyasa flows to cosy Netflix marathons, let your favourite man feel and look his best. Renegade Guru yoga clothes are made by the same team as Urban Goddess yoga wear, so hit us up in case of questions!

Bonus Tip: Sustainable Gift-Wrapping Ideas

If you’re looking for a sustainable & eco-friendly alternative to single-use throw-away wrapping paper, it’s time to get creative. Use brown unprinted paper or even newspaper to wrap your presents this year and give them a charming vintage vibe. For a festive touch, skip the ribbons and bows and go for flowers or candy instead. Or add a little Christmas ornament that can be hung up on the tree once all presents are unwrapped. See it as a creative little challenge and make it fun! Click here for more ideas on sustainable gift wrapping.


There you have it, our yoga gift guide for all your favourite yogis (that includes yourself, by the way). Whether your holiday celebrations are mostly the same as usual, socially distanced, or maybe even virtual, we hope they’re filled with love and connection (and, of course, yoga). Happy holidays from Team Urban Goddess! ✨