Buy Green: Make Your Purchase Climate Neutral

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Buy Green: Make Your Purchase Climate Neutral

It is no secret: the fashion industry is a giant source of pollution. In total, the production & shipping of clothing is responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions. That is more than all emissions of international flights and maritime shipping combined. Unfortunately, this trend is still rising. We don’t need to tell you that CO2 emissions are bad for the environment. You have heard about climate change. But we do want to tell you how to react to this scary development. You have more power than you think.


At Urban Goddess, we strive to make the world a little greener every day. We know that, as a company, we have a certain responsibility, so we do our best to make our own processes and clothing as sustainable as possible. Our fabrics are GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) which already reduces our carbon footprint: the use of organic cotton causes less CO2 emissions, needs less water and no pesticides. Apart from that, we produce within Europe, so our clothes do not have to fly across the world before you can wear them for your yoga practice. This way, we can reduce our own carbon footprint immensely, compared to other fashion brands. (Learn more about our production here.) But there’s more.

We also know that there is more that we can all do – together. The power lies in the small steps. That is why we offer you the chance to compensate the CO2 emissions of your purchase. With just one click, you can make your purchase climate neutral.  Read on to learn about your power as a customer.


You found a yoga clothing that you like on Urban Goddess. Wonderful! The production and transport of this outfit causes CO2 emissions. We use the tool CO2ok to calculate just how much CO2 is released for your outfit and how much it costs to compensate the emissions. If you want to make your purchase climate neutral, you simply click the CO2ok button. A tiny extra amount, about 2%, is added that you pay together with your new yoga outfit.


The money is used to finance projects that reduce CO2 emissions, improve renewable energy, and generally protect the environment. CO2ok works with certified partners, Atmosfair and Fair Climate Fund. This way, you – and your yoga wear – can make the world a little greener.  :-)en

Learn more about CO2ok here.