5 Benefits of Bamboo Yoga Clothing

bamboe yoga kleding

5 Benefits of Bamboo Yoga Clothing

Bamboo is not just a panda’s favourite food and a strong building material, but also a great choice for yoga clothing. Everywhere we look, we start seeing more and more clothes made from bamboo – and we love it. If you are looking for a sustainable fabric that is good for you and our planet, bamboo is your best bet. Read on to learn more about the advantages of bamboo and where to find your new favourite bamboo yoga wear. 

Before you ask what the fluffy pandas will have left to eat if we all start wearing yoga wear made from bamboo – don’t worry! There are approximately 1500 different types of bamboo. Pandas like to stay close to the ground and eat the leaves of smaller bamboo trees. Clothing and building material is made from bamboo types that grow as high as 25 meters. The pandas are okay! So let’s see, why is bamboo a great choice for clothing material?

1. Bamboo is sustainable

Bamboo plants grow incredibly fast and need hardly any taking care of. They thrive on sunlight and are among the fastest growing plants on earth. Their long roots keep the soil strong and water levels steady. Plus, cutting down a “mother plant” actually helps it grow faster and build new stems.

2. Bamboo is eco-friendly

The bamboo trees don’t just grow faster, they also need a lot less water than cotton to grow. Fabrics made from bamboo also need less water later on in the process. When the fabric is dyed, it takes colour much easier than cotton and other fabrics. This means that less water and chemicals are needed to make beautifully coloured bamboo yoga clothing. And speaking of chemicals, did we mention that bamboo does not require fertilizer or pesticides to grow nice and tall?

3. Bamboo is a natural alternative to regular active wear

Most active wear is made from synthetic material like polyester to make it stretchy and dry-fit. The problem: every time you wash synthetic clothing, microplastics are released into our environment. Bamboo is a great natural alternative and actually works even better than synthetic active wear and yoga wear. The material keeps you warm in the winter, but cool in the summer – or generally, when you are warm. It carries moisture away from your body, so you are not soaked in sweat during a workout or hot yoga session. And to top it all off, bamboo has antibacterial properties: no more old sweat smell in your workout and yoga clothes. Yay!

4. Bamboo is good for you

As you already know, bamboo trees don’t need pesticides to grow properly. This means that you will have less toxins on your skin later on. Apart from that, bamboo yoga clothing is a great choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies: bamboo naturally has hypo-allergenic properties.

5. It looks fantastic! 

If you are still not convinced that you want more bamboo in your life, have a look at our yoga wear, The fabric is incredibly soft, almost silky. But don’t be fooled by its shiny look – it’s a strong and sturdy material. This gives yoga leggings like our high-waist Satya yoga leggings a beautiful shaping effect.

There you have it. Bamboo yoga wear women is a great choice if you are looking for sustainable bamboo yoga clothing, active wear or loungewear and alternatives to synthetic fabrics. As long as we don’t start chopping down other trees to make space for bamboo… that would defeat the purpose of this sustainable wonder plant 🙂

Do you have any clothes made from bamboo at home yet? Shop in our yoga shop the to find your new favourite eco-friendly yoga wear. Bamboo yoga clothing for men can be found at Renegade Guru.

Our model Pauline is wearing the Yoga Legging Satya and the Yoga Bra Top Ananda.