Yoga for your neck and shoulders: 3 exercises to reduce pain


Yoga for your neck and shoulders

Everyone suffers from a painful feeling in the neck and shoulders from time to time. Yoga for your neck and shoulders helps to reduce this feeling.

Maybe you have slept in a wrong position, and you wake up with a stiff feeling in your neck and shoulders. Or you unconsciously adopt a wrong posture every day, which causes a painful feeling in these areas. The shoulders should naturally be positioned low and slightly backwards. (If you are reading this now and catch yourself not sitting straight, let this be a kind reminder )

Feeling stressed? This also causes a painful feeling in the neck and shoulders. You unconsciously tighten your neck muscles, and this radiates to your head and shoulders. Yoga for your neck and shoulders does not only have physical benefits. Practising yoga in general is also very good against stress. Taking time for yourself on your yoga mat is a moment of relaxation.

Why yoga?

Yoga provides a greater awareness of your body. You learn to breathe better and become aware of your posture. Yoga for your neck and shoulders provides a wonderful stretch in the places where you experience discomfort. By doing these exercises regularly, you will reduce the pain in your neck and shoulders. Tip: Do a neck roll and shoulder roll regularly. You can do this easily from behind your desk or at the start of your yoga practice. Move your head slowly around and make sure your head hangs while doing this.

Try these 3 yoga exercises

  1. Cat cow (Marjariasana)
    The cat-cow pose is actually always a good way to warm up your body. This pose is also a dynamic stretch for your neck and shoulders. Start with this before doing the other yoga postures! You start in table-top position.On the inhale, arch your back and open your chest. Move your head slightly upwards and breathe deeply. On the exhalation, arch your back and move your head down.  In this pose, it’s nice to close your eyes and move in rhythm with your breathing. Be mindful and start quietly.
  2. Rabbit Pose (Sasamgasana)
    The rabbit pose evenly stretches the entire back of your spine. A great yoga pose for a deep stretch in your neck and the space between your shoulder blades. Yoga for your neck and shoulders you won’t get enough of!Begin in child’s pose (Balasana). Then grab the heels and bring the buttocks up while keeping the head close to the knees. Lean on your head, like in a headstand. If this doesn’t feel comfortable, you can always put your hands next to your head for support. Do your knees hurt easily? Fold a blanket under your knees to prevent pain.
  3. Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana)
    Puppy pose or melting heart pose works well to open your shoulders and upper back. Do you have a sedentary job and feel that your back is hollow and hangs in the shoulders? This asana is a great countermovement.Start in a table-top pose and walk your arms away from your body. Slowly move your chest to the floor and breathe well into your chest for the ultimate stretch. Not so much room in the chest area? No worries! Place a yoga bolster under your chest, so you can relax into the pose.

There are of course many more yoga poses that work well. Every body is different, so it’s important to pay attention to what works for you. Always be kind to your body, never force the poses!

Do you want to know more about yoga for neck and shoulders? There are plenty of (online) yoga classes that focus on the shoulder and neck area.
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