Foot reflexotherapy: what it is and why it works

Foot reflexotherapy - what is it

Foot reflexotherapy: what it is and why it works

Did you know that massaging your feet has an effect on both your body and mind? A foot massage can reduce physical and mental complaints. You can apply reflexology on the feet, hands, ears and face. Foot reflexology focuses on the feet and originates from the ancient Oriental culture.

Reflexology is often confused with a relaxing massage. The therapeutic approach is a holistic method and it changes the way we think about maintaining our health.

What is foot reflexology?

Your whole body – your muscles, organs and tissue – is reflected in your feet. Foot reflexotherapy has a detoxifying effect. By massaging your feet in the right way, waste products can be removed faster. This is caused by massaging and activating certain pressure points on the feet.

The relationship between the pressure points and the body itself is not clear in terms of modern science. This is because it has not yet been scientifically investigated or proven. East Asian medicine explains this relationship – depending on the cultural context – with Chi, Ki or Prana. The paths that this energy flow uses are called meridians or nadis and should not be confused with the nervous system. In essence, it refers to the human body mechanism that supports, nourishes and makes it work.

How does it work?

There are many reflexology cards that show the relationship between the pressure points and the corresponding place in the body. All these cards are different from each other, which actually only causes confusion, but it is important to know that reflexology is not a diagnostic approach. Foot reflexology is a holistic method that aims to restore health from within, rather than to treat a disease (with external medication).

Which spots?

Bartosz Korkuć, an experienced practitioner of foot reflexotherapy, says he focuses on the soles of the feet as well as the areas just above and around the ankles. In a basic and ‘opening’ treatment, he goes through all the pressure points that have been localized. Follow-up treatments will focus on the problems that may require more attention.

This could be a mechanical injury, a detoxification cure or a disorder of the endocrine system. This, together with a conversation with the patient, allows him to discover what he/she needs.

Is it possible to treat yourself?

Foot reflexotherapy is a complex method that seems easy, but it is not. However, there are a number of basic techniques available for anyone who wants to learn. Bartosz believes that it is a form of self-care where only your consistency is the limit. According to him, there are several things to take into account when booking a reflexology treatment.

You can compare it a bit to meditation, anyone who meditates knows that there is always a huge amount of distraction and turmoil before there is a deeper sense of fulfilment. Perseverance is important because you will need several treatments. In addition, a treatment can be very painful. The reflexes carry enormous amounts of blocked Chi and realizing this is usually experienced as strong physical or emotional pain.

Why does it work?

Actually, everyone benefits from this massage technique. In a number of cases, foot reflexotherapy is not desirable because it can cause adverse effects (contra-indications). Everyone’s body is different, of course, so do you want to know if a foot reflexology treatment is right for you? Contact an experienced masseur. Bartosz can be found at Movementmatters in Amsterdam.

How to prepare for a treatment?

Have you become curious about foot reflexotherapy? Make sure you are well hydrated just before the treatment and for 48 hours afterwards. This is crucial because in this period your body will activate many detoxifying mechanisms that can strongly influence your mood, cognition and sleep quality. Your kidneys have to process all this, and you will probably find it unpleasant, so rest well after treatment. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing so that the practitioner can easily reach your feet and ankles, and you can focus on the treatment! Like our Flared Yoga Pants Pranafied.


Reflexology is a great opportunity to explore and get to know yourself, so treat yourself!