Urban Goddess is an organic yoga wear brand from Amsterdam. In 2013 we launched your first collection, and since then we have grown to one of the largest yoga brands in Europe.

Hip, fair and affordable

We are hip, fair and affordable. Hip because we like to be fashionable before and after our yoga classes. Our yoga clothes are therefore easy to mix and match with your casual wardrobe. The materials we use are so wonderfully soft that we understand that many of our clothes are also worn off the mat, just for lounging around or as casual wear.

Fair, because Urban Goddess yoga clothes are made from organic cotton in a safe and fair way, with respect for people and nature. When you buy organic clothing, you not only have a nice product for yourself, one that you can feel good about, but you also really contribute to a better world. Want to know more about how we produce our clothes? Then check out our production page for more information.

And affordable, because we like to offer organic clothing affordably, so that as many people as possible can choose sustainable. In this way, we want to contribute to creating a larger group of sustainable and mindful consumers.

Urban Goddess founder Marlene-Smits

Marlene Smits – Founder and owner of Urban Goddess Yoga Wear

Our collection

In our collection, you will find many different types of yoga clothing. From yoga leggings to wider aladdin yoga pants, from yoga tank tops to to long sleeve tops.

When designing all items, we think not only about the fit, but also for which type of yoga practice the yoga clothing can be worn. For example, our super soft organic cotton items are perfect for yin practices, while our cotton-bamboo blends are great for more intense classes. In any case, all our fabrics are wonderfully soft and comfortable, making them perfect for lounging too. If you want to know more about the items in our collection and the differences between them, we recommend you take a look at our Urban Goddess Collection Guide.

Do you have any questions about our yoga clothing, or just want to tell us something fun? We always love to hear from you! Check out our contact page for all contact details.