With these 3 tips, spiritual junkie Gabrielle Bernstein gives you the pep talk of your life

Never heard of Gabrielle Bernstein? Then it is time for you to get to know this spiritual junkie. She wrote 6 bestsellers, sat on the couch with Oprah and together with Deepak Chopra she hosted the biggest mediation of the world. She was in the Netherlands in September where she gave 600 people, including me, the pep talk of our lives.

With these 3 tips, spiritual junkie Gabrielle Bernstein gives you the pep talk of your life

Gabrielle Bernstein is only 37 but has a spiritual track record a mile long. She wrote 6 books – among which is the New York nr. 1 Bestseller “The Universe has your back” – and travels around the world as a motivational speaker.  In September she came to the Netherlands on the invitation of the female powerhouses Dolly Heuveling van Beek and Simone Levie to be the main speaker at the Business Spirit Event. The funny thing about the life lessons that Gabrielle gave during her this event is that they were not complicated or pompous at all. Better yet: they fall into the category “I could have thought of that myself”. And maybe that is the reason that they are so powerful. She definitely gave me the pep talk of my life. And I am happy to share some of her wise lessons with you.

1) The universe works fast when you’re having funM/h3>

If you can learn 1 thing from Gabrielle is that you can look at your definition of success in a new, different way. For a lot of people, success comes from hard work, status and earning a lot of money. Gabrielle measures success in a different way: the amount of fun she has. And that inspires me an enormously. Before Karlijn and I started Holistik we were running a different, successful company. We earned twice as much as we do now but at some point, we had no fun at all in our work. So we decided to follow our hearts and put all our savings in Holistik. This was the best decision ever because now we cycle every day (well, almost every day) happily to the office and feel in everything that the universe has our backs. As there are multiple small and big (business) miracles happening all the time. This weekend we are speaking at the Happinez festival and we have 100.000 unique visitors per month which we reached in a year and a half. By having fun!Give rather than get.

2) Give rather than get

Our mission with Holistik is to make the world a better place. We do this to give you, our readers, tools with which you can become the better version of yourself. Our starting point is what we can bring, not what we can get. Gabrielle calls this the desire to serve. And according to her, it is an important factor of success. And after ten years of experience as an entrepreneur, I cannot agree more. Because the more Karlijn and I give, the more we get in return.

Lots of little right actions will lead you towards your dream

Most dreams won’t come true in 1 day. Often you work for months and sometimes even years to make it happen. And it is not strange that you get demotivated along the way. On those moments it is good to realize that making small steps in the right direction is enough to make your dream come true. Do you have the feeling you got stuck in the process? Start doing with an activity that doesn’t require a lot of effort such as sending an email or reading an inspiring book. Before you know, you are back on track. Another tip: Try to have respect for time and believe that the universe has a plan for you. Karlijn and I know that isn’t easy. We have great plans for Holistik (the whole world should read our magazine right?) but we are careful not to go too quickly. At times we are in too much of a hurry we visualize a flower whose leaflets unfold one by one. It symbolizes the organic growth of Holistik. Just like a flower a company or plan needs time to manifest.

Text: Evelyn van Hasselt
Source: Holistik
Photo Credits: Roy Beusker