Three questions for Irina Verwer

Irina Verwer

Irina Verwer is besides a yogini also a vegan chef, writer and yoga teacher. She has her own blog and she writes for several yoga magazines. We asked her three questions about yoga and meditation and what it means to her.

1. How did you start with yoga?

Years ago I came across an article in a magazine with a photo of an elderly lady who was meditating. The same week I coincidently found out that there were yoga and meditation classes held in a room that smelled like coffee and central heating. I started straight away, even though I didn’t know what yoga or meditation was and I had no particular reason to start with yoga. It just felt like something I had to try.

2. Which form of yoga do you prefer to practice and why?

When I started yoga in that room that smelled like coffee and central heating, it didn’t have the same popularity as now. The lessons that I followed were the only ones in the area and were quite calm and meditative – probably because most of the participants were 60 years old or older. When yoga got more established and popular, I tried out different forms and I took teacher classes in hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, anusara and yin yoga. Nowadays I mix those different styles in my yoga practice. Each form of yoga has something that speaks to me. I like to judge by the moment how I feel and what I need and adjust my yoga practice to accommodate that.

3. What is the biggest change yoga brought into your life?

A lot has changed since I started with yoga: I am more in touch with my body and emotions. I am better in sensing and indicating what I need. And yoga is now in my system. It is more to me than just a few poses on a mat – it is my job, it is my passion and is the basis of everything that I do.

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