4 Reasons to invest in sustainable and qualitative yoga wear

4 reasons to invest in sustainable yoga wear

Why should you invest in sustainable and quality yoga wear? We believe that it is not only essential for your practice, but also for the environment. Yoga philosophy teaches us: practicing yoga means living with respect for all living beings. So as a brand, it’s our mission to consider the impact our choices have on the planet and on our workers.

And naturally, we aim to enrich your practice as well. When you practice yoga, you want to feel comfortable, confident and at ease. Using sustainable yoga wear, made of high-quality materials, will enhance your physical and spiritual experience. Here are four reasons why investing in sustainable and qualitative yoga wear is the way to go:

1.   Health Benefits of Investing in Sustainable Yoga Wear

When you’re practicing yoga, you want to feel at ease and supported to move freely and flexibly. This also translates to opting for breathable, natural fabrics! Synthetic fibers such as polyester can create a stuffy environment that traps heat and moisture against your skin, promoting the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi that can cause skin infections. By contrast, fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo are more breathable (bamboo even has antibacterial properties!) and allow air to flow through the fabric, making practice soft and enjoyable.

Additionally, all our fabrics are GOTS- or OCS-certified organic. That means: no pesticides in the growing process of the cotton and only natural or proven unharmful dyes can be used. So you can have a product that’s clean for the skin! Finally, by washing your clothes with natural laundry detergent, there’s almost no risk for skin irritation caused by chemical substances.

2.   How Sustainable Yoga Wear is Better for the Earth

It’s clear: opting for natural fibers is better for you personally. But you can imagine that it has a much greater influence! The fashion industry has a devastating impact on the environment, contributing to pollution, waste and the exploitation of resources. Sustainable yoga wear made of eco-friendly materials decomposes more quickly, reducing the amount of waste in landfills. Polyester does not degrade easily and can take hundreds of years to decompose, leaving a lasting impact on the environment. Additionally, washing synthetic clothing results in the shedding of microplastics, which is harming marine life. Need we say more? Spread a positive impact to help the earth by opting for sustainable yoga clothing.

3.   Supporting Society with Ethical Production Practices

Sustainable yoga wear means that most of the time, you are also supporting brands who invest in ethical production practices. Concretely this means that they try to ensure fair and safe labor conditions, including fair wages and workers’ rights. The fashion industry has been known for its cruelty and bad working conditions and in some cases even child labor.

And it’s not only workers that suffer from large fashion companies’ practices. Dumping of harmful substances, such as fabric dyes, also has detrimental effects on nature and health of people close by factories. Supporting and choosing brands that encourage both ethical and sustainable production and practices has a positive effect on both planet and society.

4.   The Importance of Qualitative Yoga Wear for You

Yoga wear is not just about looking stylish during your practice, it is also about feeling comfortable and supported. High-quality yoga wear will enhance your practice by providing flexibility, breathability, and durability. Cheap, low-quality yoga wear may fall apart easily or feel uncomfortable, leading to frustration and distraction. Investing in reliable and durable yoga clothes will allow you to move with ease, without worrying about your clothes. At Urban Goddess we prioritize yogis’ comfort, for example by not using tags and with extra soft fabrics.


Fashion Revolution

Why are we sharing this now? It is almost time for Fashion Revolution Week. Fashion Revolution Week takes place annually. This year’s Week is set to take place from April 22-29 and its purpose is to raise more awareness worldwide about the fashion industry and its goal to conserve and restore the environment. Furthermore, they strive for a fashion industry that values people more than growth and profit. Lastly, they encourage brands to be more transparent about their production and supply chains, for example using the #whomademyclothes hashtag that urges the consumers to ask questions to hold brands accountable.

Remember, every choice we make on the mat and off the mat has an impact. Let’s choose wisely, and practice yoga with intention and purpose!

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