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Three questions for Urban Goddess Ambassador Francesca Cassia

Francesca Cassia is an acclaimed International Yoga teacher. Leader and Co-Founder of Odaka Yoga®, she is a Yoga Master Platinum, awarded by the Yoga Alliance International Australia which is the highest recognition in the industry by Yoga Organization. She is also an ambassador of Urban Goddess yoga & active wear and we asked her three […]

Brownies meet espresso ice-cream by Celina Liya

brownie with coffee icecream

For some reason I have always loved to have something chocolatey with my coffee; for some reason it’s just a match made in heaven. I’ve made brownies with coffee one time, but it didn’t quite satisfy my chocolate/coffee craving like I’d expected it to. But.. Warm brownies & ice cream always hit the right spot! […]

Stability Leads to Freedom by Irina Verwer


Did you know that the word ‘tapas’ has more than one meaning? It’s not only a word to describe various delicious Spanish bites, but also a Sanskrit word often used in yogic texts. Tapas – Discipline That Sanskrit tapas is the one I’m referring to today. Most of the times, it’s translated as ‘discipline’, which […]