Three questions for Urban Goddess Ambassador Francesca Cassia

Francesca Cassia is an acclaimed International Yoga teacher. Leader and Co-Founder of Odaka Yoga®, she is a Yoga Master Platinum, awarded by the Yoga Alliance International Australia which is the highest recognition in the industry by Yoga Organization. She is also an ambassador of Urban Goddess yoga & active wear and we asked her three questions about what yoga means to her.

1. What made you decide to practice yoga?

It happened by chance during my teen years. I was suffering from anorexia, fighting against my body and my emotion, struggling to become “perfect”. One day my elder sister asked me to join a yoga class. As soon as I stepped into the asana, I realised that my body was part of me. In halasana, I could see my belly so close to my face breathing and moving slowly and even. I felt a sense of wholeness, my place into this world. That was my first step in a lifelong journey into yoga and my deeper Self. Day after day, falling and standing again on the mat and in the world, I have found the way to fulfil my life

2. What is the biggest change you had to go through in your transition from student to teacher?

The capability of being adaptable in each moment no matter what I thought it would happen in class and in life, to tune into the class mood. Constantly tuning into the capability of expressing the principles of adaptability, transformation and power give me the possibility to constantly evolve myself in and out of the mat. Transforming and evolving.
When you step into a class, you are mirroring yourself into your student’s attitude and actions. It’s like entering into a magic space where to achieve a profound relationship with all the energy inside and out of yourself, to experience a deep Oneness. A vital fluid, a perfect wave made of many different drops part of one ocean.Creating connection, flowing with the energy all around, being part of a loving and powerful community is what makes me feel grateful and blessed every time I teach.

3. Do you have tips/advice for all the starting yogi’s out there?

Yoga helps us to rediscover our emotional balance. Brings emotional and mental stability.
Through yoga we have a more positive attitude and more enthusiasm for life and that contributes our overall health helping us to look better and feel better!
People limit their potentiality and creativity mostly because of fear. Yoga practice has the power to increase the body’s invisible potential bringing us closer to lasting happiness. Learning how to let go things that hold us back helps us to grow into who really are in this journey called life.

As yoga helps us to become more centred and confident in our own body, we learn more through our body, we can view and react to the world in new ways.
We may find that we feel happier and in this state of being, we can see the world through eyes of happiness beginning to experience the world as a happy place and then happy people are attracted by that vibration into our lives.

Changing ourselves to build a better world, so step on the mat and become your better Self!