Three questions for Dienke Rozendom

Dienke Rozendom is a psychologist, yogini and model. You can see her in many of our Urban Goddess photos. We asked her three questions about what yoga means to her.

  1. Why did you decide to start with yoga and mindfulness?

I am a psychologist and I noticed that in the last couple of years some of my collogues started using Eastern influences in their treatments. This is how, a couple of years ago, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy came into existence. I decided to read up on meditation and yoga and took my first classes. I noticed that more things started to change in me, more than just in the cognitive area of my body and my mind. For me, body consciousness is now inseparably linked to a flourishing life. In my own therapy I am also using a body orientated approach and someday I want to become a yoga teacher/yoga therapist so that I can become more self-assured in using yoga elements in my therapy. Currently, I am following a course as Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. This course has a lot of similarities with yoga and meditation.

  1. What is your ultimate yoga/lifestyle tip?

Don’t let your yoga practice get an “I must” / compulsive character. As soon as you realize that you prefer to strike it off your list instead of really enjoying the process, go do some other form of mindfulness. As soon as you must do something, it will defeat its purpose. You can practice mindfulness in your life in other ways, like during doing the dishes, eating, cleaning or at work.

  1. Finish the sentence: “Yoga (or mindfulness) is to me….”

…The ultimate way of (self-) compassion, acceptance and letting go of control”. The practice has new and different aspects to it every time I practice. Sometimes it goes automatically and sometimes I don’t feel like doing it at all. But each time it brings me something new and it helps me accept my current mood/situation.