Three questions for Sheba Salden

Sheba Salden - yoga teacher

Sheba is beside a yogi also the mom of 5-year-old daughter Mita, the wife of Attilio and owner of Goudlokaal. Goudlokaal is a yoga studio in Zaandaam out of which flows everything for relaxation, growth, and awareness. 

We asked her what yoga means to her:

  1. What makes your yoga practice complete (with what can’t you go without)?

My favorite asanas are Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and Halasana (plow). Sometimes I only do these two poses and a heart-opener after. I do everything with a calm deep breath so that the prana (life’s energy) flows freely. Then my body is fully relaxed and activated!

  1. What is your ultimate yoga-tip?

Do yoga with attention! With a dedication to your practice, observing and exploring. With respect for your own boundaries. Find that boundary but do not cross it.

  1. Yoga is to me…

A big fat MUST. It brought me a basis of knowing my own body and energy system.