Three questions for Eva Wessel


Eva Wessel is beside a yogini also, mother of a beautiful daughter, wife, first alt in a rhythmic choir, friend, nature lover, full-time yoga teacher, woman, and just simply a human being. The most of her time she is using to teach yoga, learn yoga, and practice yoga. Grateful and happy to spread the delicious Urban Goddess organic yoga apparel to all the yoga goddess´ in Denmark. We asked her three questions about yoga and what it means to her.

1. What makes your yoga practice complete?

My yoga practice is complete, when I have no time considerations and I can use as much time on the mat, as I like. I am just listening to my body and moving on the impulses when they arrive. Long Savasana, pranayama and short meditation is just making my body reset, my mind becomes still and my feeling afterwards is very good, I am balanced and happy.

2. How does yoga influence your life?

Yoga for me is a journey, a journey towards more self-love, a journey to get to know my body and myself better and a way to make me feel good, both physical, emotional, and mentally. Yoga is helping me to spread love, compassion, and peace into the world.

3. Do you have tips/advice for all the starting yogi’s out there?

Find a good yoga teacher and the yoga style(s) that fit you right now. Never be afraid to try something new. Keep practicing, although you only have 10- 15 minutes. It´s all about the quality of the movements and not the quantity. If you don’t have time for asana practice, practice yoga philosophy. The yoga asana practice is only a little part of all the yoga univers. Stay patient, curious and positive.

Love and Namaste!