Not entirely satisfied with your purchase? We are happy to assist you in the return process!

You can register your return with us via [email protected] up to 14 days after receiving it. After you have notified us of your return, you have another 14 days to return the package. When we have received your return, we will send your requested exchange item or we will credit the value of your purchase to your payment account. This amount consists of the item(s) you returned if you partially returned your order. If you returned your entire order, we will also reimburse the shipping costs. Only the return costs are at your own expense. We will arrange the reimbursement within 14 days of receiving the item, provided the return was received on time. Please ensure that the product has not been worn and is returned to us in original, clean condition, together with the proof of purchase. If the product is in such poor condition that it cannot be restored to be placed back into stock, we will charge half the purchase price.

How does the Urban Goddess return process work?

Step 1

Send an email to [email protected] to inform us you want to return an item. Next, download the return form below and fill it in. It is important to fill in your original order number, which product you are returning (including the SKU number which you find on your invoice) and whether you want to exchange the item or a refund.
Download the Urban Goddess return form here.

Step 2

Send the package with filled out return form to our warehouse, preferably with a track & trace code. Urban Goddess is not responsible for lost return packages without a track & trace code. We will not be able to process your return if your parcels has not arrived in our warehouse. Also, packages that are sent to the wrong address can not be processed. You are responsible for getting the package to the right address.The address for your return package:

The correct return address is (for all countries except Belgium and Germany):

Active Ants / Urban Goddess Retouren
Zeelandhaven 8
3433 PL Nieuwegein

If you want to return your order from your location in Belgium, you can send your package to:

Active Ants Belgie / Blissworkz
Retouren AA NL / Nieuwegein
Vilvoordsesteenweg 233
1120 Brussel

If you want to return your order from your location in Germany, you can send your package to:

Active Ants Germany / Blissworkz
Retoure AA NL / Nieuwegein
Hoeschstrasse 950
46284 Dorsten

If you want to return your order from your location in the UK ,

Active Ants / Urban Goddess Retouren
Zeelandhaven 8
3433 PL Nieuwegein

IMPORTANT : Please don’t send it with Royal Mail as these parcels get lost or returned 100%.

Use FEDEX, UPS or any shipping company where you can enter our contact details online

Step 3

When the package arrives, we will check the products to see if the items you wanted to return are received in the original state. We will make a new order for the exchange or create a credit note. In both cases, you will receive a confirmation email. If the new item has a higher price than the original product, we will charge the difference. After the price difference is paid, your new product will be shipped to you. Credit invoices have a processing time of 7 – 10 working days. You will get an automated confirmation email about your refund. Keep in mind that after you receive the email it can take 1 to 2 working days before you see the money in your bank account. This differs per bank. For credit cards it can take up to 10 days. The shipping costs you paid for returned items are non-refundable. When we send a replacing item, Urban Goddess will take care of the shipping costs.

We like to stimulate awareness when it comes to sending of parcels. Every parcel has an impact on the environment. So please avoid unnecessary sending of parcels. We are absolutely happy to assist you in any way we can to help you make the best choice of your yoga products.