8 yoga hacks: how to counterbalance your desk job

The traditional 9 to 5 office job is slowly extinguishing. But the time we spend behind our computers is increasing, even as freelance workers. We are married to our laptops. Which is good for work, but definitely not for our health and body. The good news though—research shows that regular yoga can actually counterbalance the effects of sitting.

These poses can help you counterbalance the hours of sitting and the pressure of scrunching over a keyboard all day.

1. Mountain pose
This is one of the simplest and most effective yoga poses and should be the one you start and finish with. It stretches your back as well as your legs. This pose is great for releasing the pressure of scrunching over a keyboard all day. It also improves your overall posture and stability and can be used to open up your chest and back. And yes, you definitely need that counterbalance after a day at the office.

2. Cat and cow pose
A good pose to warm up the body and start to loosen up a bit, but in a soft and easy way. This pose is really good for stretching your lower back and spine.

3. Downward facing dog
It has a double function: it stretches your back and neck and can help soothe back pain. And at the same time it strengthens those same muscles.

4. Any shoulder openers
Yes, any. We tend to build up a lot of stress in this area, which makes it feel tight and achy. Try poses like Cow Face Arms or the Reverse Prayer Pose

5. Forward fold
In any variation, for example the wide-legged forward bend pose with your arms stretched over your head. It stretches your back, neck and shoulders as well as your legs and tight hamstrings. It’s the first exercise as it is the ultimate relaxation pose.

6. Crescent Moon Pose (Reverse Warrior)
It opens up the chest and stretches the side of your torso.

7. Lizard Pose
Tight hip flexors is not only a sign of stress, but can also put strain on the lower back.

8. Cobra pose or upward facing dog
A perfect counterpose as it opens up the chest and whole front body, which is the exact same opposite from the way we site behind our desk. It stretches the lower back and will relieve any back pain, especially if you spend a lot of time hunched over while sitting (which is almost all the time). It also helps to strengthen you core muscles.


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