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Blueberry salad with sundried tomato crumble by Irina Verwer

blueberry salad by Irina_Verwer

A gorgeous, filling and quick salad for sunny days Somewhere in between offering yogic coaching sessions to a few yoga teachers, leading a workshop in Leeuwarden, staying in touch with my family and friends, teaching a few private classes in a row and offering Ayurvedic consultations through Skype, I found myself craving something grounding yet […]

Enjoy your yoga injury free – Part 1/5

Yogapose wristinjurie

Enjoy your yoga injury free – Part 1/5 It is pretty safe to say that all people could benefit from doing yoga. Amazing stories circulate how a 90-year old granny fixed her hunchback with yoga, or how someone overcame multiple addictions or anorexia through yoga. The physical, mental and emotional benefits are numerous. However, that […]