Of all yoga wear in our Urban Goddess collections, our yoga leggings are really the favorite. That is why we offer different styles of yoga leggings. Yoga leggings are probably the most iconic piece of yoga clothing and should not be missing from anyone’s yoga wardrobe. You simply cannot go without a pair of great yoga leggings, even if they are just the plain black ones. They are a go to piece for any yoga practice. All of our yoga leggings are extra long and sizes range from XS to XXL.

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Yoga Leggings

Who doesn't love yoga leggings? That's why we offer a wide variety of yoga leggings at Urban Goddess. Great for most yoga practices, pilates and barre and super comfortable to wear.

Shaktified yoga leggings

Check out our Shaktified yoga leggings, the classic fold over belt / roll down yoga leggings. These leggings are also wonderful as maternity yoga leggings offering support for the belly. We often have the Shaktified yoga leggings available as printed yoga leggings, tie dye yoga leggings or in a plain color, for those days you feel like being a little more low key.

Bhaktified yoga leggings

Our Bhaktified yoga leggings offer a light and soft low elastic waistband. These are the yoga leggings that you’ll barely feel during your yoga practice. They are ideal for warmer days and if you are not so into yoga capri pants or yoga shorts. Our Bhaktified yoga leggings could just turn out to be your best yoga buddy.

Satya active wear yoga leggings

And finally for the more dynamic and sweaty yoga practice we offer our Satya yoga leggings. These leggings behave like a technical fabric even though they are all natural. A special fabric mix was formulated for us to offer dry-fit benefits. So no cold soaked yoga clothes and no nasty sweat smell after your yoga practice. Our Satya yoga leggings are high waisted, so they stay put. They feature extra long legs and have a shaping effect due to the sturdiness of the fabric.