What yoga clothes do you wear to Yoga Nidra?

What clothes do you wear to Yoga Nidra

A yoga style to fully rest

If you feel the need to truly rest, both physically and mentally, Yoga Nidra is the yoga form you’re looking for. This special form of yoga is becoming increasingly popular, and we understand why. Yoga Nidra brings you into the deepest state of relaxation. It is in fact so calming that one session is equal to four hours of sleep. After Yoga Nidra you will feel completely rested, but what do you wear during a Yoga Nidra class?

What is Yoga Nidra?

Funny enough, yoga doesn’t always require you to do a lot of different poses to keep moving. Yoga Nidra is a form of yoga where you lie as still as possible on your yoga mat. It was developed in 1950 and literally means ‘yoga sleep’. In this technique, your consciousness reaches a stage between waking and sleeping, where you are neither awake nor asleep. You normally only reach this state during a deep sleep. That’s why Yoga Nidra has a super relaxing effect. The tension flows out of your body and head, causing all senses and your mind to relax. This brings your body into a healing state, allowing it to heal in many areas.

This explains why Yoga Nidra has many benefits. It improves your sleep, concentration and energy, strengthens your immune system and works against stress, depression or burn-outs. During a Yoga Nidra session it’s not necessary to come up with the steps yourself. The only thing you have to do is lie on your yoga mat, while following a voice that talks you through the different phases of the meditation. This way you can relax completely without thinking about the following steps in the practice. You don’t have to do anything active, which makes this form of yoga a practice that everyone can do. Nothing to learn or practice, just focus on the voice that brings you into a deep relaxation. Read more about Yoga Nidra and its many benefits here.

The best yoga pants for Yoga Nidra

We hear you thinking; “you’re just laying still, why does my choice of clothing matter?” Yet, there are a few things you should consider while putting together your yoga outfit. Comfortable yoga clothing is a must when doing Yoga Nidra. It is important to be able to fully focus on the voice that’s guiding the session. Yoga clothing that is too tight or feels constricting can cause irritation. This can distract you from the instructions and keeps you from experiencing what is supposed to happen to your body and mind. Therefore, loose and comfortable yoga clothing is the perfect option for Yoga Nidra. Go for a cool pair of Dakini yoga pants or the Dharma harem yoga pants, for example.

If you’re more of a fan of yoga leggings, we recommend our slouchy OM yoga leggings. High-waist yoga leggings like these keep your stomach extra warm and are super comfy. This way you have as little distraction from the yoga practice as possible and are more likely to experience its effects. At Urban Goddess we have a wide range of relaxing yoga clothing that is perfect for Yoga Nidra. For the most comfort, check out our Loungewear section

The best yoga top for Yoga Nidra

When it comes to yoga tops, warm and comfy are the factors you want to look for in Yoga Nidra clothing. During this yoga practice, you will be focusing on the breath a lot. To be able to breathe freely, without an oppressive feeling, we recommend wearing yoga clothing that is not too tight. Choose one of our loose fit yoga tops for example.

During Yoga Nidra you will lie still for a long time. Sessions generally last between 10 minutes and 1.5 hours long, but for the best experience most sessions will last a bit longer. Because you don’t move and are in deep relaxation, you will cool down quickly. Your nerve activity and blood pressure drop and your muscles relax, which will lower your body temperature. To avoid lying on the yoga mat as an icicle during the session, we recommend putting on a warm and comfortable yoga top with long sleeves. This yoga clothing for women feels very soft and keeps you warm. To stay extra warm, you can use a meditation blanket to lie under. This way you won’t get cold and are able to focus on the practice.

Curious about Yoga Nidra? Order a comfortable yoga outfit and lay down.