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Use your drishti (in 9 different ways)

Yoga practise

‘Find your drishti, your focus point. Fix your gaze.’ It’s one the most important mantra’s in yoga. Because it’s what makes it a moving meditation, not just a physical practice. Most people only know the tip of the nose, the third eye or the belly button. But did you know you have as many as nine options? Drishti is the Sanskrit […]

The twist is a great asana to start your day with (and 6 reasons why)

Yoga practise

Yoga in the morning is a great way to start your day. Before rushing into things, you can slowly wake up and prepare yourself mentally and psychically for a busy day. But if you don’t have the time, the twist is a good one to include in your morning routine. Doing a twist has many beneficial effects on your body. […]

How yin yoga can transform your whole life (yes, looking at you too!)

Yoga practise

The magic of yin yoga and what it can do for you Yin yoga is really popular these days. In a society in which yang energy dominates and silence becomes more scarce (and even uncomfortable), we long for moments to calm down and reconnect with ourselves. And that’s where the yin comes in. We sat […]