Odaka Yoga Sequence by Francesca Cassia

Odaka yoga sequence by Roberto Milletti & Francesca Cassia

Our beautiful ambassador Francesca Cassia travels all around the world to give Odaka yoga workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings. Along with her partner Roberto Milletti they have inspired thousands of people with their beautiful yoga style. Francesca filmed this Odaka yoga sequence especially for you.

Odaka yoga sequence

The sequence is great for the experienced yogi’s who want to try Odaka yoga. On their website https://odakayoga.com/en/ they describe Odaka yoga as following: “Odaka yoga classes are conducted through a ‘liquid’ style approach by merging the martial arts flow of inner energy and the Zen spirit of quieting the mind. The practice becomes an unremitting motion, a wave-like movement, a process where no interruption occurs between one pose and the another”.

Join Francesca Cassia in this 30 minute practice

In the video, Francesca is wearing an Urban Goddess top and yoga leggings.