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Interview with Karlijn Visser

Sustainable Karlijn Visser

Karlijn Visser is the co-founder of Holistik, an online lifestyle magazine for the stylish and sustainable do-gooder. So who else would we ask for their insights on sustainability? Being green is an important part of Karlijn’s life. We wanted to know more. 1. What was the reason you decided to start living more sustainable? The […]

Sustainable Fashion by Daphne van den IJssel

Sustainable Fashion

More and more shops start selling organic clothing and accessories. Organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, recycled material and many other forms of organic material. Being sustainable, fair and eco-friendly is at the heart of our business. This means that we deeply care about that our clothes are made with the highest organic standards. And that the […]

Yoga sequence for shoulder health


A simple shoulder sequence to release tension and ensure the longevity of your functional movement. Includes free class and downloadable pdf. This set of exercises takes your shoulders through their full range of rotation, which is important to do regularly to ensure the longevity of our functional movement and to avoid injury. These movements also […]

Charlie’s cabbage soup by Irina Verwer

cabbage soup

Inspiration can come from anywhere. My dishes get their inspiration from my yoga practice, hikes in nature, visits to other countries, books… and movies. For this particular recipe, I was inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There are days when even mindful, no-chairs-in-my-house, chew-your-food-108-times yoginis long for an evening on a couch, with a […]