Three questions for Urban Goddess Ambassador Eline van de Kam

Eline van de Kam

Eline van de Kam is a yoga teacher at the Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam and is also an ambassador for Urban Goddess Yoga Wear. Yoga and Buddhism is an important part of her life. So we asked her three questions why this is so important for her.

1.How long have you been practising yoga and how did you start?

When I was ten years old, my father suffered from a burnout. His doctor advised him to start meditating, so aiming for the family discount, he dragged me and my sister to a temple of Transcendental Meditation, where we were given a secret mantra and initiated in the art of meditation.

I picked it up again, many years later, when I found myself in a burnout and addicted in a rehab.
Yoga and mindfulness were on the daily program and they simply saved my life.

2.What is the biggest change Yoga brought you?

The Yoga teacher told me that I am not my thoughts and that I can smile at these thoughts, without taking them so seriously. This was a great eye-opener!

3.Where do you get inspiration?

I am deeply inspired by the teachings of the Buddha. He was a normal human being like you and me and reached enlightenment. His lessons return in every yoga practice I teach.