Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Dalai Lama releases a Map Of Emotions

Map of emotions Dalai Lama

To come to understand your emotions, that’s not an easy job. They can be confusing and the more you try to analyse and explain, the blurrier it becomes. The Dalai Lama is hoping this new book called ‘Map of Emotions’  will help you understand how emotions arise and what they mean. The ultimate purpose: to help you […]

Why always remember this quote from Buddha

Food for thought

Today, spiritual or empowering quotes seem to be more popular than ever. At least on Instagram. And sometimes these simple words do make you feel better. And it was all you needed in that moment or certain period of time. Like this quote from buddha, a great one to remember. What do you think? In today’s world […]

Oh yes! How to achieve all the things that you want in your life (without stressing about it)

Yoga lifestyle

One of my favourite books for spiritual growth is ‘The 7 spiritual laws of succes’ by Deepak Chopra. By now I’ve already red for several times and sometimes when I feel a little lost or worried I take it by hand. These are the tree important lessons I learned from it.  In this book Deepak Chopra offers an important […]

3 yogaposes to beat the summer heat

Yoga practise

Oh boy, don’t you just love this weather? We know we do! Summer is well and truly on its way. But with this hot weather it’s all about finding the best ways to cool off. Sure we can drink some cooling drinks and sprinkle some water on our faces. But these asanas will certainly help as well.  We […]