3 yoga poses to beat the summer heat

yoga poses to beat the summer heat

3 yoga poses to beat the summer heat

Oh boy, don’t you just love this weather? We know we do! Summer is well and truly on its way. But with this hot weather, it’s all about finding the best ways to cool off. Sure, we can drink some cooling drinks and sprinkle some water on our faces. But these yoga poses will certainly help as well. 

We do yoga not only to warm up our bodies and burn the toxins. With really hot weather, your blood is already boiling, and your body is heated up, so make your yoga poses more about cooling down and calming your nervous system. Make sure to avoid or slow down on the inversions, Sun Salutations, warrior poses and binds. Instead, try these yoga poses. To make sure you don’t get hot, it’s important to wear yoga clothes with breathable fabric. For example, go for one of our comfy yoga tank tops or airy yoga pants.

1. Sitali Breath

Pranayama is a great way to gain or lose body heat.  This one is a great practice to cool down the body, as the word sitali means ‘cooling’. This is how it works: Sit in a comfortable position, with a tall and straight spine. Slowly breathe in and out, and your drishti is the tip of your nose. Stick your tongue out and roll the outer edges towards each other, so it looks like a hot dog bun. Take a long inhalation (3 counts) through the tube in your tongue (like it’s a straw). Hold for a few counts. Then draw your tongue back into the mouth, close your lips and exhale through your nose for a count of 3. Repeat this for ten times.

2. Tree pose

Doing a Tree yoga pose during the summer heat is great to practice your balance, but also a good way to cool off your mind and strengthen your body.  It’s one of those perfect yoga poses to catch up on your breath and see where it is. Which is very helpful as the breath is one of the best tools in cooling down the body. It also gives you space and stillness to focus on the mind and bodily sensations.

3. Virabhadrasana (Low lunge)

A yoga pose that you must include in your cooling down yoga poses. It stretches the muscles big time and gives space to your heart. There’s a quality of surrendering to this pose, finding peace with what is. And that’s exactly what you need with these high temperatures.

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