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The benefits of Yin yoga

The benefits of yin yoga_Urban_Goddes_Active_YogaWear

Learn how practising Yin yoga can have such a positive impact on your physical and emotional health. My motivation for writing this article is to encourage everyone who hasn’t tried Yin yoga, to try it. Why? Because, in a nutshell, the feeling you’re left with after you have practised Yin yoga is amazing! Benefits of a […]

How yin yoga can transform your whole life (yes, looking at you too!)

Yoga practise

Yin yoga is really popular these days. In a society in which yang energy dominates and silence becomes more scarce (and even uncomfortable), we long for moments to calm down and reconnect with ourselves. And that’s where the yin comes in. We sat down with yoga teacher Skadi about the who’s, what’s and why’s.  Yin classes are very popular […]