Goddess of the Month: Marlene Smits

Marlene goddess of the month

At Urban Goddess, we don’t just love yoga – we also adore the incredible women in our community who do their best to spread love and light on a daily basis. Each month, we will introduce you to another yoga teacher and her experiences in the world of yoga. Stay tuned, you might just find your new favorite teacher, and definitely some inspiration. Our first Goddess of the Month – of course – is the creator of Urban Goddess and Renegade Guru: Marlene Smits. 

Goddess of the Month: Marlene Smits

If you know Urban Goddess, you know Marlene. She is the owner and creative genius behind the leggings and tops you love wearing. She started Urban Goddess in 2013, and the men’s line, Renegade Guru, in 2018, to make sustainable yoga wear more accessible, while feeling and looking your best. When designing new yoga clothes, she knows what to look out for – she’s been a yoga and meditation teacher for many years! 

Marlene’s yoga journey

For Marlene, meditation came first: she was suffering from migraines in her teenage years and found relief in different meditation techniques. She started yoga a little later to complement her meditation practice, and hasn’t looked back since. Marlene wants to make sure that anyone can join her classes. She has tried and tested a bit of everything to create her very own teaching style. You will find an open atmosphere and safe space for you to explore and live your own yoga without having to prove anything. For Marlene, yoga is very personal: what’s important is that you are kind to yourself and to your body. 

You are in control of how you feel. There are very simple techniques that can easily brighten your day. No matter what situation you’re in. 

Practice with Marlene

Curious to see what it’s like to practice yoga with the Urban Goddess? ;-) Marlene is teaching online classes at Ekhart Yoga. You can find more information on her teaching style and access her classes here


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