Balancing meditation by Marlene Smits

Meditatie kleding van Urban Goddess yoga kleding

Balancing meditation by Marlene Smits

Marlene Smits, our Urban Goddess founder/owner and yoga- and meditation teacher, is sharing some meditation techniques with you this month. The first one is a great balancing meditation that works on your central meridians and chakras. It is a beautiful movement meditation involving mudras and breath. It is doable for every one, whether experienced in meditation practices or a beginner.

Make sure that you wear comfortable (yoga) clothes that don’t interfere with your circulation when you sit like a yoga legging or wide yoga pants. And a top that allows you to raise your arms without restriction. (Marlene is wearing our Protection yoga tank top and Bhaktified Shanti yoga leggings).

If you really want to feel the effect of this meditation, do this meditation for at least 10 minutes but if you can, try 30 minutes and when you are finished, sit or lie down in Shavasana for a deeper experience of silence for as long as you like.

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