Shaktified Yoga Leggings – Shunya – Black/White


The organic tie-dye yoga leggings Shaktified are super comfortable, ultra soft of high-quality organic cotton, with a fold over belt that guarantees maximum freedom of movement. The fold over belt makes our Shaktified a very versatile piece of yoga clothing. Wear it as a hip high waist or roll down for a short mini skirt over the hips. The fold over belt makes these yoga leggings also  a great must have for pregnant goddesses. The belt offers great support to the growing belly.

The backside of the fold over belt features a lovely wrinkled detail that accentuates the female form. Shaktified yoga leggings are extra long. This has several benefits: nor more cold feet during Shavasana. And these leggings with fit most yoginis, regardless of your height.