Yoga Leggings Satya – Emerald

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The bamboo yoga leggings Satya are brand new sorts of high waisted leggings at Urban Goddess yoga wear. The yoga leggings Satya are specially designed for a more active yoga practice. It features a high waistband that will give you a real feeling of security in the belly and lower back area, so that means no sliding! The fabric is a high-quality rich blend of organic cotton, bamboo and elastane. It will give you a beautiful shaping effect without any sense of restriction in your movements.

You will love the extra benefits of this fabric as much as we do. It is cooling to the touch, so even when you are dripping with sweat, it won’t become visible on the yoga pants. The Satya yoga leggings also have anti-bacterial properties due to the bamboo content of the fabric mix.

These bamboo yoga leggings can be worn anytime anywhere. On your mat for a sweaty Vinyasa yoga or Ashtanga yoga practice, or any other yoga practice, but also absolutely suitable for the gym for your fitness workout for example.

anti-bacteriële eigenschappen

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