These pictures of (naked) yoga will really blow your mind

yoga poses that will blow your mind_Urban goddess blog

‘Yoga is not about touching your toes it what you learn on the way down.’ Probably sounds familiar, right? The same goes for the way it looks. It doesn’t have to look ‘perfect’ to make it work for you. But we have to admit, yoga can look pretty good when looking from a distance. Just as the way it tones the body, which you can see even better in these stunning pictures. Because, yes, on the other hand we are allowed to feel good about ourselves and the way it looks.

The pictures are the work of model and photographer named Nude Yoga Girl. The account, which just launched in last November, already has more than 414K followers! With here pictures she wants to prove that you are beautiful exactly the way you are. ‘Nudity is not just sexual. By showing my body, I’m showing you the home of our soul in a natural way’, she explains on Instagram.

yoga poses that will blow your mind_Urban goddess blog

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Photography yoga Photography yoga Pictures yoga Pictures yoga

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