There is nothing better than to feel warm and snug before starting your yoga practice. Our yoga wraps and yoga long sleeves you are sure to stay warm when the studio feels a bit chilly. All yoga long sleeves are easy pieces to wear for Shavasana. Our Wrap Me Up yoga wrap and Nirvana yoga scarf are wonderful to wear for your meditation practice. Besides, all of these pieces are a great addition to your wardrobe for off the mat wearing as well, to mix and match as you please.

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Yoga Wraps & Long Sleeves

Keep it warm and wear our hip yoga longsleeve tops and yoga cardigans to create some layers. Wether you are just starting your day and decide to do your yoga practice at home or at a yoga studio. Our yoga longesleeve tops are a must have item for your yoga wardrobe.

Longsleeve yoga t-shirt

All Urban Goddess longsleeve yoga tops are extra long, so all your lower back and belly stay nice and warm during in all yoga asanas. Even in a down dog or headstand pose, there won't be any sliding of our yoga slim fit t-shirts. Our longsleeve yoga shirts are easy to wear on your yoga bra top or yoga tank top. The relaxation response during Shavasana makes your body cool down, in combination with a cold floor makes layering the smart strategy. This is also true if you are a Pilates or Floor Barre practitioner.

Mediation wrap cardigan

Our yoga & meditation wrap vest is your ideal friend for your Shavasana or meditation practice. It is a very versatile piece to add to your yoga wardrobe. You can use it as a blanket, or wrap yourself completely in it. Apart from its use on the yoga mat, it is also a fun piece to use for casual wearing.