The sports bra yoga top Ananda is an essential yoga basic for your wardrobe. This soft functional yoga bra top can be worn as a (sports)bra or on its own, as a yoga top. As this yoga top is part of our active wear collection, it is a perfect piece for any intense and sweaty yoga practice like hot yoga, ashtanga and power yoga. However, you can comfortably wear the Ananda yoga top to any type of yoga practice or workout.

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Ananda Yoga Bra Top


This yoga bra top is designed to fit yoginis with most shapes and cup sizes. It is extra long, and features some shirring in the centre, giving yoginis with a bigger cup size some extra space. The little pleads created by the shirring are also very flattering if you have a smaller cup size. We have added a smart side rise to avoid side boob situations. You will find this sports yoga bra top suitable for any type of yoga practice and sports up to medium impact.