Urban Goddess has developed a special yoga active wear line for the more dynamic and sweaty yoga practice like hot yoga, bikram yoga, ashtanga and vinyasa. We are very happy and proud to have developed a fabric that behaves like a technical fabric, like you may know from well known sports brands, but then made from a natural blend of bamboo, organic cotton and lycra. At the present moment we offer 3 styles in this category: the Ananda bra top, which you can wear as a yoga sports bra or as a yoga top on its own. Our Satya yoga capri leggings are great 3/4 yoga leggings featuring a high waist band. Our Satya yoga leggings are also high waisted yoga leggings with extra long legs. All of our yoga active wear is suitable for sports and fitness up to medium impact. Our dry fit fabric is sturdy and offers not only great support, but also is naturally body shaping. Bamboo has antibacterial benefits, no chance of nasty sweat smells. So that is an added bonus.

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Yoga Active Wear

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Ananda Yoga Bra Top

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Ananda yoga bra top

The sports bra yoga top Ananda is an essential yoga basic for your wardrobe. This soft functional yoga bra top can be worn as a (sports)bra or on its own, as a yoga top. As this yoga top is part of our active wear collection, it is a perfect piece for any intense and sweaty yoga practice like hot yoga, ashtanga and power yoga. However, you can comfortably wear the Ananda yoga top to any type of yoga practice or workout.

Satya active wear yoga leggings

For the more dynamic and sweaty yoga practice we offer our Satya yoga leggings. These yoga leggings behave like a technical fabric even though they are all natural. A special fabric mix was formulated for us to offer dry-fit benefits. So no cold soaked yoga clothes and no nasty sweat smell after your yoga practice. Our Satya yoga leggings are high waist, so they stay put and are very flattering for the belly area. They feature extra long legs and have a shaping effect due to the sturdiness of the fabric.

Capri yoga leggings

Our Satya yoga capri leggings and 3/4 yoga pants are a great addition to your yoga wardrobe. Especially for those hot yoga classes or sweaty and dynamic ashtanga or vinyasa yoga practices. Also Iyengar yoga teachers love to see your knees so they can check your alignment in the asanas. The Satya capri leggings are also a life saver for when you are doing yoga retreats in warmer locations. These yoga leggings are made with bamboo, which has anti-bacterial properties, so no risk of yuki sweat smells. An added bonus, Satya capri yoga leggings are dry fit.