Three Questions for Karlijn Visser


Karlijn is beside a yogi also one of the founders of Holistik, an online lifestyle magazine for the stylish & sustainable do-gooder. Together with her associate Evelyn van Hasselt she provides her readers with tools to become the most radiant version of themselves. We asked her three questions about what yoga means to her:

  1. Who introduced you to yoga?

Oef,  let me think… My first ever yoga class I cannot remember. I do remember that I really got into yoga a few years ago. It was in a period in my life where I was searching. I have a background in the world of glitter & glamour. With our previous company Friend of the Brands Evelyn and I made goodie bags, we organised influencer events and were on the red carpet ourselves on a regular basis. After 7 years it was about time to better match my work – which I am busy with for 5 days a week – with my inner self.  Yoga has helped me to give this inside a stronger foundation. Themes that were hidden in my deeper waters regularly came to light during a yoga class. It was very healing. It is wonderful how you can find emotions that often lie under a thick layer of dust simply by putting your body in certain positions. You understand: I never want to do without yoga!

  1. How does yoga influence your life?

Wherever I go, I always bring my laptop with an online yoga school on it with me. If I go a few days without yoga, I will miss it. The feeling of the deep breath, a supple back and the ability to move flexibly create a resilient spirit. And that is what I need to be in full harmony with myself and my surroundings.

  1. Are there things on your wishlist yoga related? Certain styles or gurus etc?

Since I decided to live more “goalless”, I realised that I also stopped wanting to reach certain positions. With “goalless” I mean for example that I run my business without wanting to reach a certain success. The path unfolds itself because I am connected with my soul to what I do. Also in naming guru’s I am not a star (their names are way to complicated to remember haha). The teachings of life are often more than enough to help me grow. But you can always wake me up for a yoga rave on really loud music or a house yoga class like the one I recently from Andreas Trussat at YogaFest. The great yoga guru’s of old probably turn around in their grave when they hear this but I love it! Just 90 minutes of mindful swinging!