Three questions for Celina Liya


Celina is next to a Yogi also a big meditation- and mindfulness fan and besides that, she is also a food blogger. She has her own blog, and she writes for Urban Goddess. We asked her three questions about what yoga means to her.

1. What makes your yoga practice complete (what can’t you go without)?

Meditation! I see meditation after my yoga practice as a dessert after a great main course. My body is completely relaxed and ready for a long (or short) sit. And breathe…Amazing.

2. What is your ultimate yoga tip?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Al those beautiful yoga poses and acrobatic movies on Instagram can really influence our subconscious mind: “If can do that I should also be able to do it right?”. But what you do not see in the photo or with that impressive movie is that they have practised that pose for a long time (for some even years) and that they had to give their best to show you these beautiful tricks. Yoga is all about self-love: Be kind to yourself and you will get a relaxed mindset and a more and more flexible and healthier body in return.

3. Finish the sentence: “Yoga is for me…”

…My me –time. My mat is my “safe place”. On the mat, I can come back to myself and leave the pressure of everyday life behind me. It’s just me, my mat & my practice. Nothing else matters.