Let’s talk the importance of reconnecting with ourselves

Yoga lifestyle

This month we celebrate laziness. Because you should feel no guilt in slacking off sometimes and not giving 100 percent. It’s okay to take time for yourself and just yourself. And in that case, íf you take time for yourself, we can highly recommend you to watch this moving and profound video. Well-known Canadian physician Gabor Maté talks primarily about trauma, pain and disconnection, and the importance of reconnecting with ourselves. ‘Why do we have to look for ourselves? What happened?’

Yoga is for many people a way to experience a greater sense of connection, with themselves and with each other. That’s also what makes this video so interesting, which is all about connecting with yourself. ‘Trauma is lost of connection with yourself. It’s a fundamental fracture, a lost of connection to ourselves, our families and the world around us. This loss is often hard to recognise, because it slowly happens over time. We adapt to these subtle changes without even noticing. So trauma is not an externally event that happens. It is the impact of that event and the disconnection to ourselves.’

He also cites a quote from the Eckhart Tolle book The power of now:
‘Basically, all emotions are modifications of one primordial, undifferentiated emotion… it is hard to find a name that precisely describes this emotion. ‘Fear’ comes close, but apart from a continuous sense of threat, it also includes a deep sense of abandonment and incompleteness. It may be best to… simply call it “pain.”

Watch the video here (feel free to skip the first part about plants):