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Natural detergents for your skin and yoga wear

natural detergents for your skin and yoga wear

Good care: use natural detergens for your skin and yoga wear You just got your hands on a new yoga outfit at Urban Goddess: of course you want to keep it as beautiful for as long as possible. It’s important for this to use natural detergents for both your skin and yoga wear! What do […]

Self care surrounding your yoga practice

Self care surrounding your yoga practice: you deserve it! You are already caring for yourself by getting on your mat. But what kind of self care do you take surrounding your yoga practice? The colder months have arrived and that means that we are going to turn inwards. You are probably a bit more at […]

Buying yoga wear? This is all you need to know! The complete guide to your ultimate yoga outfit

What yoga clothes is best for my yoga practice

Are you a yoga virgin or have you just started practicing? Perfect timing to learn all the ins and outs of finding the right yoga wear. It’s important to have the right yoga outfit for your specific yoga practice before stepping onto the yoga mat. Luckily, Urban Goddess yoga & active wear is designed by […]