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A loving Valentine’s Day with lessons from Thich Nhat Hanh

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The news can’t have escaped your notice. Buddhist Zen teacher, monk, writer and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh died last month in Vietnam at the age of 95. The inspirer has several monasteries of which Plum Village in France is the most famous. In this blog we will lovingly tell you a bit more about […]

Meditation practice: three tips to deepen your meditation

meditation practice: three tips to deepen your meditation

You’ve been doing meditation exercises on a meditation app for a while now. In stolen minutes, you sneak out and plug in your headphones to calm your senses for a moment. It’s obvious how powerful those short meditations are, but now you want more. How do you deepen your meditation practice? These three tips will […]

Mind-Body Connection – What your pain is trying to tell you (Part 1/2)

Dealing with pain For a long time, the state of the physical body and the state of the mind have been seen as relatively seperate. If you become ill or experience some kind of pain, you go to a doctor, who examines you physically, and gives you appropriate medication. This is, of course, very useful […]

How to create space for your consciousness

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How can we create space to listen to our inner voice and guidance? Too much information In our modern world of marketing and social media, it can feel as if we are constantly being led or guided on every level. We are taught what we should want, what we should buy, what we should think, and […]

Balancing meditation by Marlene Smits


Balancing meditation by Marlene Smits Marlene Smits, our Urban Goddess founder/owner and yoga- and meditation teacher, is sharing some meditation techniques with you this month. The first one is a great balancing meditation that works on your central meridians and chakras. It is a beautiful movement meditation involving mudras and breath. It is doable for […]