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Piece of mind? This music composer is your best friend

max richter

When it comes to reducing stress and calming the mind, we love to reach out for our yoga practice or meditation. But sometimes it’s only music that’s needed. We would like to share one of our favourites: Max Richter’s To Sleep. Needless to say that it gets you to sleep like a baby.  Acclaimed Britsh […]

7 things you didn’t know about vinyasa yoga

Although vinyasa may feel like a proper ‘workout’ (which it is) there’s so much more to it. Things you discover while doing it. And the more evolved you become the more it opens up to you and you start noticing. Here’s 7 yoga-facts you didn’t know about vinyasa yoga. If you’ve been practicing vinyasa for […]

Let’s have a look at what makes a sacred space (and how to create it)

Sacred spaces interior design

Today we wanted to have a look at sacred spaces. Which mean something else to everybody. It can be just a few candles, sandalwood incense, beautiful tones of dark wood, earthly colours, lots of candles or images of the buddha. Do you have a sacred space back at home? And what makes it sacred for […]