Stop doing, Start Being by Irina Verwer


I find it super easy to do too much. There are a lot of things I love to do and a lot of people I love to see, which leads to a very full schedule.

With a day of bookkeeping, answering tons of emails and preparing for (private) workshops and retreats ahead of me, I threw in my favorite practices to help me stay grounded and relaxed. Because of those little practices, I feel much more at ease but also very focused – which helps me to be productive and therefore I end up with more time to do the practices.

What works for me, might also work for you – and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has a very full schedule.

So, here you go! My favorite ways to stop doing and start being:

  • Upon waking up in the morning: stay in bed for three more minutes. Roll onto your back, stretch your entire body, put your hands on your belly and allow your belly to soften.
  • Rub some warm sesame oil on your skin after a warm morning shower.
  • Before you enjoy a nourishing breakfast (my go-to breakfast on busy days is one of the ‘With a Pinch of Yoga’ porridge recipes), find your yogamat and move in a way that feels good – for at least thirty minutes.
  • During your day, take time to focus on the rising and falling of your breath for at least ten seconds whenever you feel tense, rushed or distracted.
  • Drink plenty of herbal tea or hot water.
  • Every hour, place your warm hands on your closed eyes and relax your eyes.
  • Every thirty minutes, stand up, stretch, twist, jump or lie down for just a few seconds.

Enjoy (the rest of) your day!

Text: Irina Verwer
Image: Irina Verwer

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