Odaka Yoga Sequence by Francesca Cassia

Odaka yoga

Our ambassador Francesca Cassia is co-founder of Odaka yoga, an original and innovative yoga style she developed with Roberto Milletti. Francesca and Roberto teach all over the world at festivals, retreats and in studios.

What is Odaka yoga?

Odaka Yoga classes are conducted through a “liquid” style approach by merging the martial arts flow of inner energy and the Zen spirit of quieting the mind. The practice becomes an unremitting motion, a wave-like movement, a process where no interruption occurs between one pose and the another. It is a union that aims to dissolve physical, mental and emotional tensions, while soothing the mind with immediate action. The fluidity of the movements is inspired by the waves of the ocean.

Odaka yoga gives you emotional flexibility. This allows you to learn to see yourself and the world through a different lens. This gives clarity and insight on how to get closer to yourself and create your own happiness. It gives you endless possibilities for body and mind. For Roberto and Francesca, yoga is a lifestyle. It is energy in motion. The yoga form has caused great personal growth and transformation for many people worldwide.

If you want to learn more about Odaka yoga, you can have a look at the Odaka yoga website.

Odaka Introduction Sequence

Francesca Cassia created a special sequence for us while she was in Thailand! This video will give you an introduction to Odaka yoga. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Odaka yoga clothes

Odaka yoga is a gentle flow with a focus on your own body and on moving with attention. When doing a flowing, moving practice, you don’t want to be distracted by ill-fitting clothes. It is important that you can focus on your movement, alignment and breathing without being obstructed. Tight clothes can cause skin irritation and might cut off breathing. Clothing that is too big or wide can also be tricky: after all, you don’t want to be interrupted in your flow because you have to adjust your clothing.

Our favourite yoga pants for Odaka yoga are harem pants. Harem pants have a loose fit but with ankle cuffs, they stay perfectly in place in every movement. Choose, for example, the Dakini or the Devi, both of which are made of soft organic cotton. And for lovers of yoga leggings, there are also many sustainable, comfortable options. Also, don’t forget: shop your own closet. That’s always the most sustainable option!