Mindful Christmas: 3x simple, but fun Christmas activities for all yogis!

Mindful christmas voor alle yogi's

3x fun (yoga) Christmas activities for a mindful Christmas

During the holidays, time seems to go by just a bit faster than usual. We might already be busy preparing for months. From putting up the Christmas tree (quite stressful sometimes, because how do you put up the Christmas tree?), to inspiration for Christmas presents. We are so busy with it all. In fact, you probably need some rest, especially during an overcrowded December month. So pull out your yoga outfit during the holidays, so you can create a mindful Christmas for yourself.

Yoga for mindfulness and togetherness

Yoga and mindfulness, this sounds like music to the ears of most yogis. We prefer to be on the yoga mat every day and maybe you even make time for this. Unfortunately, for many of us this is difficult during the Christmas holidays. A Christmas party here, a Christmas dinner there. You probably have a lot of appointments and obligations during these times. And as much as you enjoy being together, you could use a mindful Christmas.

Have you ever thought about doing yoga together? Together with your partner, family or friends? Yoga creates space and peace in your mind, and that makes for a wonderful mindful Christmas. It doesn’t have to be difficult, there are plenty of fun yoga classes online. Go for Yin yoga poses to restore your body, or choose a Vinyasa flow for more of a challenge. Set aside the tables and chairs and make your own yoga studio at home! Select to wear loose yoga pants or do your yoga practice in pyjamas, it’s all possible! The important thing is that you can relax.

(Vegan) gingerbread for the ultimate Christmas feeling

We love all kinds of delicious food during the holiday season! The love and effort you poor into preparing all that good food makes it extra enjoyable. It’s also great fun to do with your family or friends. Did you know that cooking and baking can also be very relaxing? A good activity for a mindful Christmas!

Gingerbread is easy to make and fun to decorate. The cute looking gingerbread cookies are perfect as Christmas decoration. These gingerbread biscuits can also easily be made vegan! Replace the butter with vegetable butter and add flaxseed for protein and fibre.

Christmas movies you can’t get enough of

Christmas is the best excuse to start watching Christmas films again. Whether you like Christmas or not – maybe you recognize yourself in the Grinch – watching all the Christmas classics is a real must during the holidays! Make yourself a cup of tea, get some gingerbread biscuits and put on your favourite yoga leggings or Christmas sweater. And you have yourself a mindful Christmas! Looking for a warm yoga wrap top or a wonderfully warm long length yoga tops to unwind in? Check out all our loungewear for a comfortable Christmas on the couch.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what you do at Christmas. Try to make it as enjoyable as possible for yourself during these days. For many of us, that means being together while others need a moment to themselves.

From our team at Urban Goddess to you, we wish everyone a wonderful and mindful Christmas!