How to Rock your Meditation Practice

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by Hanneke Peeters, Ayurvedic therapist and owner of Rock Your World

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As a yogi, you are probably already familiar with the advantages of meditation. And maybe you manage to do a daily or weekly practice in which you are quiet and create some headspace.

Essential oils and crystals are powerful tools to enhance the effects of your meditation practice. Smell immediately improves your mood because it gives your subconscious mind a subtle nudge to send out an “everything is well” frequency to your brain. Which means: instant relaxation.

By using the energetic frequencies of crystals during your meditation, you connect to a specific energy or intention, which will help you in your meditation.

Hanneke, ayurvedic therapist and co-owner of the selfcare brand Rock Your World, shares her favorite crystals and essential oils she uses to deepen her meditation practice.

1. Amethyst

Amethyst stimulates your third eye and your crown chakra. This calming stone connects to the air element and helps you to connect to your intuition. It is the perfect crystal to reflect on yourself. I use the amethyst in Shavasana and place a small piece on my third eye (the place between your eyebrows). To tune a little more into the third eye qualities, I use the Be Calm Aura Spray. This spray contains essential oils from Palo Santo.

Amethyst meditation


2. Essential oils of mandarin

Feeling blue and want to lift your mood? The Be Happy Aura Spray are i.a. essentials oils from the mandarin which gives you a sense of happiness and helps you to connect with your inner child.

3. Rock Crystal

The rock crystal brings clarity and focus. You can use it during meditation if you want to get some clarity on a certain issue. Put your awareness on the question you have. Take a piece of the rock crystal in each hand and visualize the characteristics of this quartz. Stay focused on your breath and imagine that there is white light coming into your body through the rock crystal in your hands.

Bring this white light from your hands through your arms, your shoulders and your neck to your crown chakra, and from your crown chakra through the rest of your body and back to your hands. Do this a couple of times and then gently open your eyes and see which word comes to mind first. What does this word mean for you and/or your question?

Feel the effects, wherever you are

Rock Your World
The more you use essential oils and crystals during your meditation, the more you will see that your brain automatically follows this state of being. And the more you open up to the positive effects! Busy day ahead and don’t have the time to sit down for a long meditation? Take a small rock or a small bottle of aura spray with you and use it during the day. You can keep a small rock in your pocket and hold it when you feel stressed.

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