Green Friday: Save Money & Do Good

With Black Friday just around the corner, we always get mixed feelings here at Urban Goddess HQ. As you probably know, Urban Goddess is a sustainable yoga fashion brand. And that means we’re in the business of slow fashion. Respect for the environment, treating and paying people right, mindful of quality. Why? Because as yogis we believe in being mindful of our actions.

As you do your yoga practice, you are connecting to something greater. To your body, to your spirit, to consciousness, to the field or for some of you the Divine. The energy of the products that you wear, are part of your field. And it is so much nicer to wear yoga clothes that are meant for yoga. You understand how the practice moves your body and what clothes are best for carrying you through your practice. I believe, as the owner of a brand for yoga, that clothes that are made in a fair & organic way, are the way forward. It means no one was hurt, no one was abused, no one was poisoned for your clothes, as many of the workers that work for fast fashion companies. That is the energy of your product, and the money that you pay for your product is helping to create the reality that we believe in.

Not Black but Green Friday

So, as most companies, we cannot ignore Black Friday. And so since 2018 we call black Friday, Green Friday, like other sustainable companies do. We can not give you massive discounts, because our business philosophy does not allow for such margins. Otherwise we’d have to increase our prices drastically. But we do offer you a nice discount. And in addition, we will donate 5% of our profit of every sale during the Green Friday and Cyber Monday period to Yoga Gives Back. It is a great Foundation that provides micro credits to women in India, changing lives of the poorest people. It is nice to give back in gratitude for this precious and marvelous yoga practice that is such a catalyst for positive change for so many. I hope you will join us in this!

20% discount on your purchase with the code GREEN-FRIDAY

valid: 28 November – 2 December, site-wide on Urban Goddess and Renegade Guru

With love and gratitude,


PS if you are a yoga teacher and would like to support Yoga Gives Back, you can donate a class to the foundation.