Goddess of the Month: Eline van de Kam

Goddess of the month Eline van de kam

At Urban Goddess, we love all things yoga. But apart from yoga leggings and meditation practice, we keep a special place in our hearts for all the lovely Urban Goddesses who spread love and light on a daily basis. We want to give back to the yoga community. That’s why, each month, we introduce you to another yoga teacher. Stay tuned, you might just find your new favorite teacher! Our Goddess of the Month for October is the lovely Eline van de Kam. 

Goddess of the Month: Eline van de Kam 

Eline van de Kam is based in Amsterdam where she teaches Yin and Restorative Yoga. And let us tell you, if you are anywhere close, you will want to join one of her classes. Eline creates a beautiful safe space that allows you to experience a deep relaxation. She softly guides you with her voice, so that your body and mind have the chance to fully recharge. You can’t help but leave her classes with a smile 🙂 

Eline’s yoga journey 

Yoga found Eline when she was in a dark place. Caught up in addiction and pure exhaustion, she had trouble finding her way out. It was like everything was going wrong, when slowly but surely, she started to see the light again. Eline fell in love with yoga and that, in turn, helped her love herself again. It was like coming home. 

“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.”

The beautiful realization that Eline made during her yoga journey is that we are not what happens to us. We always have a choice. We can either follow and believe all the stories in our head and get caught up in them. Or we take a step aside and make room for whatever comes and goes. It is a practice that takes time, but Eline will lovingly help you to create that space as well. 

Practice with Eline 

Would you like to practice with Eline? You’re in luck! Eline teaches an average of ten classes every week, in Amsterdam and Weert. Her Yin and Restorative classes are a treat if you are looking for deep relaxation. You can find her, among other places, at De Nieuwe Yogaschool and Hot Flow Yoga. If you want to deepen your practice – or need more time to recharge – you can join Eline for different yoga retreats with Yoga on Kos and Yogacruise.nl For more info on her schedule, and daily inspiration, follow Eline on Instagram and Facebook

Are you a yoga teacher, too, and would you like to share your story? Or do you know someone who should be our next Goddess of the Month? Let’s put them in the spotlight! Get in touch with us via [email protected] – we love hearing from you!