Gift idea: Memory jar

Memory Jar

Christmas is around the corner and this is the perfect moment to show your special someone why you are so grateful that they are in your life. For me, this is my best friend with whom I’ve been friends with since I was 14 years old. She has always been there for me, in the good and the really bad times. She is also the one who gave me this great gift: A memory jar. It was her way to show that she was grateful for me in her life. In this jar, she put memories of things we’ve experienced together. The stuff that made us laugh, cry and there was even a memory of a big fight we had. I received this gift a few years ago and still, I look in this jar every once in a while, when I feel down and need a laugh or when I haven’t seen my best friend in a while and I miss her.

Because I love this gift I want to share it with you and tell you how you can make your own memory jar.

How to make a memory jar?

1. First you need a jar or a box. This could be an old watch box, jewelry box or like my friend did: a little mason jar. You can leave it like that or decorate it with for example ribbons.
2. You can choose if you want to type out the memories on a computer or if you want to write it by hand on special paper.
3. You can choose the number of memories yourself. You can do 12 (1 for each month of the year), or for the amount of years you have known the person or just the amount of memories you can think of that makes you grateful for that person.
4. Write down the memories. You can start each memories with for example: “Remember when…” or “I’m grateful for the time…”.
examplenote 2





5. When you have written them all down, you can fold them up into small squares. If you have a box you can also roll them up and put them in the box standing up.

Here are some examples for some inspiration:

Memory Jar memory jar 2








So let that that special someone know what he or she means to you and give them this memory box. Spread the love. Merry Christmas!