Five minutes: illustrations that perfectly match your yoga poses

In our brand new column ‘Five Minutes’ we shortly discuss a certain subject, image, thought or text that inspired us. 

Illustrations are the hottest ticket in town right now. You see them everywhere and they seem to have earned a sturdy place next to its populair photography compagnon.
 In a world that is more and more visual orientated and in today’s everyone’s-a-photographer world, there’s something very appealing and cozy about seeing hand-drawn examples of creativity.

These are the works of pilates and barre instructor Kala Fletcher. Her illustrations caught our eye through Instagram (@pretty_vacant) and the fluid lines and its minimal feel are quitte appealing. Plus it contains some of our favourite poses, wether on our yoga mat or in a pilates class. And when she told us why she started doing it, we couldn’t help but feeling very happy to help her share her work. Kala: ‘I started making all these Pilates inspired drawings because I work as a Pilates and Barre instructor full time now, so it gives me fun and hopefully inspiring content to post and share with others. It actually all started making my clients Christmas cards and that’s when these little doodles started to happen. ‘

Yoga poses Yoga poses Yoga illustrations Yoga illustrations Yoga poses Yoga poses Yoga illustrations

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