​​Fashion Revolution Week: A look into sustainable fashion

Fashion Revolution Week_Urban Goddess

Fashion Revolution Week has begun! It’s a perfect time to reflect on the clothes you wear. It is also an opportunity for us to pay attnetion to who makes our yoga clothing and how it is made. Many people are unaware of the impact fashion has on the climate crisis and human exploitation. Our organic yoga clothing is our contribution to a fair, environmentally friendly and transparent fashion industry. Keep reading to find out more.


What is Fashion Revolution Week?

Fashion Revolution is an acitvist movement that fights for a sustainable fashion industry that is open about its production processes and acts fairly towards its employees. This year’s Fashion Revolution Week will highlight this campaign, with global events, such as a ‘Good Clothes Fair Pay March’ in Amsterdam, clothing swaps and several panel discussions. Additionally, they have written a ten-part manifesto promoting slow fashion production, of which five points are very much in line with the core of Urban Goddess.


1: Fashion conserves and restores the environment

Just like Fashion Revolution, we believe it is essential that the production of clothing does not harm nature. This is why our yoga wear is made from organic cotton or a mix of organic cotton and sustainable bamboo. Cotton is a nice breathable fabric that makes your leggings soft and comfy, but its production can have negative consequences for people and the environment. Therefore, it is essential that organic cotton that is GOTS and OCS certified is used in the fight against climate change.

Additionally, we are proud that our factory has been completely solar-powered since June 2021. The excess electricity generated by the solar panels is supplied to surrounding villages. In this way, the environment also becomes a little greener. Besides that, we have chosen to use trains as a primary mode of transportation between the factory and our warehouse. In addition, we try to deliver your order with a bicycle courier when possible. This way, we avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions.


2: Fashion does not pollute nature

Due to the use of organic cotton, our production process is also green. Namely, our production process only contains natural seeds from organic crops. The farmers avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals. Additionally, the CO2 emissions are on average 46% less than when ordinary cotton is used. This is due to the use of more manual labour instead of machines that run on fossil fuels. Read more about our production process.


3: Fashion does not pollute water

During Fashion Revolution Week, the pollution of air and water is also brought to our attention. We prevent this pollution by using organic cotton. The production of organic cotton requires an average of 91% less water than the production of regular cotton. Additionally, it is mainly grown on small-scale farms where more use is made of natural rainfall. Moreover, through the use of ecological pesticides and fertilizers, the soil retains 30% less water.

Bio cotton is healthier for farmers, workers, and for you. The lack of chemicals ensures that the fabric is harmless and skin-friendly. Organic cotton is hand-picked, and the pure fibers make your yoga top soft and comfortable. Perfect for your yoga class!


4: Fashion provides dignified work

We also believe it is essential that the working conditions in the production process are fair and not dangerous. We achieve this not only through the clean production process, which has already been mentioned, but also through daily interaction and personal visits to the factory. Because of this, we know for sure that our partners can work in a pleasant and safe manner.


5: Fashion is transparent and accountable

Fashion Revolution Week has been fighting for more transparency in the fashion industry for years with the hashtag #IMADEYOURCLOTHES. At Urban Goddess we know what are clothing is made of and who makes it. We have a long-term partnership with our producers, who really care about the environment and sustainability. Additionally, we aim to provide full transparency and accountability for all our products by 2025. We want to achieve this through blockchain technology, which allows us to make all products traceable back to the source. This way, you’ll know exactly where your favourite yoga leggings of tops come from, who made it, and what materials were used!

Learn more about the ideas behind Fashion Revolution Week!