​​Fashion Revolution Week: A look into sustainable fashion

Fashion Revolution Week

Working towards a sustainable fashion industry

Fashion Revolution Week has begun! The perfect time to think about the clothes you wear. It is also an opportunity for us to pay attention to who makes our yoga clothes and how they are made. Many people are not aware of the impact of fashion on the climate crisis and human exploitation. Our organic yoga wear is our contribution to a fair, environmentally friendly and transparent fashion industry. Read on to find out how.

Bio certified fabrics

Urban Goddess’ yoga wear is made from organic cotton or a blend of organic cotton and sustainable bamboo. Cotton is a breathable fabric that makes your yoga leggings soft and comfy. However, the usual production of cotton has major negative impacts on people and the environment.  This makes the use of organic cotton that is GOTS and OCS certified is very important in the battle against climate change.

Clean production

Organic cotton is produced in a completely different way than regular cotton. Only natural seeds from organic crops are used in the production. The farmers avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals. This makes the production less polluting and safer for the farmers and workers in the textile factories. Moreover, CO2 emissions are on average 46% less than with regular cotton. This is because of the use of more handwork instead of fossil fuel-powered machines. Read more about the production of our yoga wear and the GOTS certification here.

Less water, more love for the environment

Additionally, the production of organic cotton requires about 91% less water. What is different about organic cotton is the use of natural cultivation methods and the alternation with other crops.  This exhausts the soil a lot less. Organic cotton is mainly grown on small-scale farms, where they make more use of natural rainfall. In addition, the use of ecological pesticides and fertilizers allows the soil to retain 30% more water. This creates a healthier soil and protects the plants and animals around it.

All this reduces global warming and is healthier for the farmer, worker and for you. In fact, the lack of toxic chemicals makes the fabric harmless and skin-friendly. Organic cotton is handpicked, so the fibers remain pure. This makes your yoga top even softer and more comfortable. Ideal for your yoga practice!


Fashion Revolution Week is also committed to increasing transparency in the fashion industry. At Urban Goddess yoga wear, we know what our clothing is made of and who makes it. We have a longstanding partnership with our producers, who are truly committed to the environment and sustainability from the heart. We are proud to say that since June 2021 our factory is completely powered by solar energy. The excess power generated by the solar panels is supplied to surrounding villages. In this way, the surrounding area also becomes a little greener. Through daily interaction and personal visits to the factory, we know for sure that our partners can work in a nice and safe environment. Another green choice we make is that most of the transport of our yoga products between the factory and our warehouse is done by train. This way we avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions. For the delivery of your order we try, where possible, to deliver by bicycle courier. And so we try to become a little greener every year, for ourselves, for you, and for our planet.

Learn more about the idea behind Fashion Revolution Week right here!